Mobile Casinos

A few years ago, online gambling was undergoing a revolution. Recently, it is the mobile casino aspect that has experienced a meteoric rise and that promises to continue to grow. It is impossible for the gambling industry to miss out on these great new opportunities when you consider that a smartphone user spends around 46 minutes a day playing games of all kinds. In terms of fun, it’s all there. Realistic graphics, adrenaline, huge potential winnings, and immediacy that online casinos did not allow. All that’s left to do is make your choice.

How does a mobile casino work?

A mobile casino is an online casino adapted for tablets and smartphones. It is a way for players to access their favourite casino games at any time, in complete freedom. Generally compatible with most Blackberry products, the Apple iPad and iPhone and Android tablets, they exist in two different ways.

As a standalone application available for download or direct access through compatible sites. In the latter case, no installation is required and while the games do not take up any space on the device, they take slightly longer to load than the app. Specifically designed for mobiles and tablets, however, the application offers outstanding graphics and playability.

Just like online casinos, the mobile versions offer the opportunity to play for real money or simply for fun, through free demos where the winnings remain fictitious. This is an opportunity to perfect your roulette technique or to become the undisputed king of poker.

What games are available on mobile casinos?

At present, the full range of online casino games can be found on mobile. Craps, blackjack, slots, roulette, and Texas Hold’em are all available, with the only difference being that their format has been slightly adapted for optimal use on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices. Some titles are missing, however, due to their graphic complexity, which is still too difficult to adapt. However, the gameplay possibilities are still impressive and some software publishers such as NetEnt and Microgaming have made a point of offering mobile casino games of the highest quality and realism. It’s probably only a matter of time before the full range of online casinos is available. In the meantime, the Android mobile operating system offers players frequent updates for a constantly optimised gaming experience.

And that’s not all. In a queue, on the sofa, or waiting for the bus, mobile gaming is available at all times and casinos have a vested interest in encouraging this mode of entertainment. So, in addition to the traditional bonuses available at online casinos, the mobile versions offer exclusive bonuses such as extra free spins, deposit offers, and free playtime. A way to take part in real money games without paying a cent.


Mobile casino payment methods

Similar games require similar payment methods. The same Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Debit, Solo, WebMoney, and Western Union payment methods are used in mobile casinos. The processing times are also the same and payment information is usually available at a glance.

In terms of security, the encryption of sensitive data has been strengthened and the operating systems used, which are more advanced than those used for computers, provide perfect peace of mind. This does not exempt you from making sure that the mobile casino you wish to use is legal and well regulated.

Which casinos are mobile?

The rise of tablets and smartphones has prompted online casinos to adapt their offerings, but not all of them have yet caught up. Many still don’t allow access to games from a mobile device, while a growing number are now charging for access to their platform. Follow the guide to find out which casinos are Android or smartphone compatible, all of which we have selected are.  More flexible, instant, and always available, mobile casinos have responded to the needs of today’s gamblers who want to keep up with the times.

The global mobile gambling market is growing by approximately 45% in 2021, representing tens of billions in the virtual gambling industry. More precisely: 72.6% come from smartphones and 24.4% from tablets. In fact, popular games such as chess or bingo, which were traditional games, have naturally moved to mobile applications and websites, and online casinos have followed suit, offering the same service on computers as on mobile. As the figures show, online casino platforms have adapted their resolutions and performance on mobile to make it possible to access all categories of games. It’s only a short step from there to becoming the preferred solution of tomorrow.